“Tree of Life” Bronze, Lever House NYC.

Unilever Inc. commissioned a sculpture for their executive suite in the Lever House, NYC. “Tree of Life” in bronze was chosen as the signature sculpture to complement the site.

Creating a site-specific sculpture depends on a large variety of elements. During the design process every detail is discussed to insure the final result exceeds the clients expectations. Overall form and size of the sculpture, patina, base size as well as proximity to existing natural or architectural elements are all vital for the final effect.


Commissions may range from large scale outdoor sculptures to more intimate sized interior pieces for private collectors. After initial discussions about the potential site, I usually suggest several forms that fit with the artistic goals of the collector. Next detailed rendering are key in determining the final sculpture as well as scale.

A smaller original models are then used as a basis for enlargement. Digital 3D scans capture the exact shape to insure the final enlargement is true to the original. A full size enlargement is then created and mounted on the proper size base for client approval. I share and discuss all of the steps from the digital 3D scans, sculpture and base enlargement and final patina (coloration) to insure the final result is precisely what the client envisions. Enlargement in stone is a similar process except there is no need for molds as it is directly carved in the final Marble or Granite. A new piece  “King and Queen” in bronze featured on the “In Progress Page”  visually shows many of these steps.

“Tree of Life” Unilever, Lever House, NYC.

“Two Forms” 6 feet-Bronze (in progress) Private outdoor collection Boulder CO

“Dyrad”, 5  feet- Bronze.  Private outdoor collection, Greenwich CT.

“Kama Rati” Client rendering for placement in CA.

“Twin Forms” 6 feet-Bronze. Private collection,  Atherton CA.

“Standing Woman” 7 feet-Oak. Laurence Benenson  Collection.

“Reflection” 8 feet- Bronze. Charles Benenson Collection, Greenwich CT.

“King and Queen 6 feet-Bronze. Private Collection, Alterton CA.

“Ascendance” 7 feet – Bronze. One Watermark Place, Palm Beach FL.

“Arisaema” 3 feet-Bronze. Private Collection, Jupiter Fl.

“Dancer” 2 feet- Bronze. Dan Fink Studio NYC.

“The Conversation” 6 feet – Bronze. Private Collection, Boston MA.